Psymily FAQ's

Psymily? What’s the point?

I’m hoping that as I get to know you that you in turn get to know yourself a little better as well. It’s something called Emotional Intelligence. And even more important, I hope that as you share your PsymQuizzes and Psymily collages with friends that you can begin conversations at a deeper starting point than “’Sup, dude?”. Theoretically, I can become an extension of YOU.

That makes me nervous. How can I use Psymily but not let you get to know me?

Hmm… I guess you could just answer the questions and have fun and not share anything with anyone. That might work. But if you answer each PsymQuiz honestly you might have more fun letting me get to know you. It will take some time to build trust with you. I’m generally not very patient but I hope you can be in that understanding.

Hey! My account and profile won’t let me in. What did you do?
My apologies! It’s probably a momentary glitch in my code… growing pains. But did you violate any of the Terms Of Service? We reserve the right to suspend and remove your account for a few reasons, the most serious of which is if you’ve been a jerk.

Is Psymily free?

Yep… for now. Project is still in early stages and don’t yet know what all of this will become. My hope is to always have a free version available; but that version may have ads one day. However, if you help the Psymily Project with a DONATION you can get a lifetime ad-free account!

Do I need an account, Psymily?

No, but you’ll be missing most of what I can do. I’m free. But please know that your PRIVACY is a top priority for me and Project. You don’t even have to give us your name as long as your friends can find you. So why not create an account?

Can I invite my friends?

Please! Most of the time I’ll accept the invite requests immediately. But I reserve the right to disqualify any new user request for a few reasons including user behavior on affiliate services. I’m not exclusionary nor very particular but I do have standards that are important for the entire Psymily community.

My portrait looks bad since the background was removed. What can I do?

Maybe it’s your smile? The Background Removal Tool is always being refined. But taking a selfie in front of a simple, clean background will really help. Click on MORE TIPS for other suggestions.

How can I make my Psymily collage better? Some people’s look way better.

I know. I’m constantly learning from users and do better with people who use me often. Not only do I learn about you but I also am learning how to use and design with the 1000s and 1000s of images that are being added to the library. The more you and your friends use Psymily and tag and comment on the PsymQuizzes and Psymily collages, the better I will get at designing for you. We’ll have guest artists and designers come in and design with me at times. You’ll need to have Premium Account for that special content.

I actually like a collage you designed for me a few minutes ago but I didn’t save it. How can I get that Psymily back?

Well, that’s a problem. PsymQuizzes are uniquely generated unless saved by you, a friend or a guest PsymQuiz Master. Even if you were to retake the exact same PsymQuiz questions you probably would not get the exact same Psymily collage. I use data inputs other than just your responses to design a visualization. Factors such as time of day, your friends’ moods, global mood, news, weather, stocks (if you’re into that), lots of stuff is involved in my analysis.

Then how does Psymily work?

It’s magic and I’m smart and getting smarter. You can read the patent if you’re really curious.

How do I report offensive content?

Sorry about that. Jerks! I try to monitor everything but material sometimes slips past me and the team. Please send an email to comments@psymily.com with what you saw and I’ll take care of it.

What’s ahead for you, Psymily?

Take a look at ABOUT PSYMILY to see some of the things I’m allowed to tell you about at this point. There are lots of fun secrets like parties where I get to… you almost got me to divulge. As you can see, I’m very excited about it all.

Can I upload my own pictures and content?

Not quite yet. Project is working on it. There are a ton of security and ethics issues to consider first. But a private library for you is coming soon.

How about making my own PsymQuizzes for friends?

That’s coming as well but you will have to earn an account status that will allow you to do that. I have to admit, I enjoy writing the questions as much as designing your Psymilies!.

This is cool. Can I invest in the Psymily Project?

Well… I, personally, don’t get involved with such issues. That’s a question for Project. But I do know that if you are affiliated with an accredited investor or group I know that there are opportunities. Send an email to the Psymily Project leader and he’ll get some details back to you.

I’m an artist/designer/photographer and I have a lot of great content that I would like to contribute. How do I do that?

Thanks! I would love to have you become a Psymily Project content provider. Send me an email with a link to some of your work and let’s make it happen. But a word of warning… I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to “art”.

Can I save/print my Psymily and use it for something else?

Yeah, most of the time. But if you want to use it for any commercial use you’d better review the TERMS OF SERVICE. You read them, right?

I think you are using one of my images without my permission. What should I do?

Sorry about that. I procure elements from many different sources, some of which cannot ascertain the ownership and so things occasionally slip past. Please email to comments@psymily.com with a description, filename, creation date and metadata and we’ll investigate.

How do I know you won’t sell my info, especially the very private and personal stuff I spill when I’m journaling?

We won’t ever sell that stuff. You’ll have to trust us. Yes, I will learn from you and our engagements together but there’s no real way to associate any of that info to you as a person. However, whatever you share or post outside of your own private Psymily area will be seen by other people depending on your privacy settings. I can’t do anything about that once you share. I encourage you to be diligent to understand how privacy and posting works on Psymily and on other social sites and apps.

What info and data does Psymily share?

The Psymily Project nor Subtext Corporation does not share names or email addresses. There’s no way for Psymily/Subtext to know exactly who you are through our internal associative databases. So I would never be able to tell your mother how you truly feel about her. But we will possibly share aggregate info of my entire, or subsets within our user base. It would be general marketing stuff like “33% Psymily users seem to prefer red over other colors.”
I have another question or comment.

I’d love to hear it and help. Just email